just doodlin’ over blank pages. yeahh….

just doodlin’ over blank pages. yeahh….

Wednesday, 27th June
practice, practice..

practice, practice..

Monday, 11th June
"Lazy Days"
We stayed in bed and guessed the shapesof clouds we pictured in our heads.

I don’t really draw but I thought I’d try adding a little illustration to my tiny story:

"Lazy Days"

We stayed in bed and guessed the shapes
of clouds we pictured in our heads.

I don’t really draw but I thought I’d try adding a little illustration to my tiny story:

Wednesday, 6th June

hitRECord’s Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Volume 2

I’m submitting a couple entries to hitRECord’s new little collaborative book, check them out HERE

I’ve been wanting to get back into writing, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. I absolutely loved the first volume, and wanted nothing more to be part of such an awesome project. This is the first time I’m submitting my writing to something. It’s not much, but i’ve got my fingers crossed! 


Tuesday, 5th June
if we were an indie folk band

if we were an indie folk band

Monday, 4th June

my mom was away in the Philippines during mothers day and her birthday, so i thought id give her something when i pick her and my dad up from the airport later. my first attempt at a typography thinggy! i also baked her cookies =)

the colors are different in the picture cus my printer is a little bitch

Friday, 1st June

i don’t have a job soo im broke and have a lot of free time to not buy toys, but make them out of paper. shiiiny paper


Audrey + Just Friends Cover - Francis Arevalo and Mark Perez

Uh, even my minor mistakes felt like major fails
These degrees of the damage from my dating ails
Went from numberin’ gals on a rating scale
blunderin’ over numbers, getting dumber bout the way I feel
Hard to fare when every girl seems to pale
In comparison, but when we pair, I’m prepared to fail
‘barassin’, and barrellin’ through the thickest ale
heart on my sleeve, I’m wearin’ thin, so to no avail
men are bearin’ these, tellin of their tales
So when males can’t deliver, mixin’ messages like losin’ mail,
That Dime in mind might as well be a dame in jail,
damsel in this dress trouble tremblin’ behind her veil.
despite cha diamond fine lines that cut your tail
The pressures on and you make me feel cold as hell
Can’t be the other half, can’t breathe as well
When you’re in.. with your ex, to fall for you is hard as hail.

So I’m lookin’ for a carmen san diego,
Type to keep me on my toes, keep it en fuego
Part audrey and monroe, gotta speak argot
Who talks slow in convos to speed up my heart flow
..who can chill a bit…and just lay low
..While we dream a lot…and watch the days go
Just have your body baby, like pharoah
Then when we wrap it up, then we could catch a metro
Or expo, subway, dependin’ on where we go,
To flyin’ on an aero, and find some land to explo’
This love’ll explode, never feel the same so
You’ll shine like day-glo, but daily, whatever yo
Scared to bail, but mistakes that we’ve cared to know’s
All we need to pass time, could be spendin’ play dough
Some old souls sole goals, sweet tone memos
Maybe you’re the one, let me know why I should say so  

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Tuesday, 28th February





Thursday, 16th February


A Valentine’s Day Quickie (Cover)

Aki’s verse:

I’ve fallen too fast may i ask you for give me,
chance in the glass to be passin it with me
intertwine past of the crass that is in me.
Killer fine ass… I’m an ass, sin is in me.
Creedin’ it’s mass, thought of you on this man meat,
I pray… I pray for you in Cambie
I know that is low as the grass… man I can be.
Might burn in hell, but alas, for one canny-
kind of a lass that’ll last in my brain;
like B is the size of the bra that you’re in.
Thighs, in my eyes, you’re a broad but you’re thin,
wait… let me rewind, rid the bra that you’re in.
Plus, when you lose clothes, I bet that you’d win.
Girl, you on the map, but where have you been.
No need to pretend, you’re more than a ten.
Oh, my lust was lost, then you brought it again.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Singles Awareness Day!!

Tuesday, 14th February