"Always Waiting"

aand another one. ever since i heard Blackbird Blackbird’s “Pure,” i knew had to do something with it. so today, i tried it out. i also started noticing it sounded really similar to Welcome Back Sailor’s “I’ll Be There,” so i thot id jus throw that in there too. combining chillwave indie with some boom-bap hip hop. and of course, this was so fun to make =)

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"Phantom Menace"

soo Aki asked me to make a Lil Wayne-esque Star Wars beat, kinda like 6’7” but Star Wars. and i got excited. i sampled my favourite Star Wars song, Duel of the Fates, cut out my favourite parts, and this is what i came up with. n oh yeah, this is the first beat i made with my lovely MPD =)

Wipe them out. All of them.

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"Morning Wood"

i forgot to post this beat last month. just one i did when i was bored and didnt wanna do homework… sampled Oren Lavie’s Her Morning Elegance, then i noticed it was in the same key as Norah Jone’s, Sunrise, so…. yeah, Morning Wood

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Francis Arevalo + Aki Elvambuena + Mark Perez = FAM + “Why I Write”

Listen up!

This is my first time performing anything in front of anybody

Listen right! 

wut up, FAM?


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Friday, 22nd July

"Why I Write"

here are the lyrics to my “Why I Write" verse i did at UBC.
just a little story about a girl….*sigh* …

i was fresh into high school i aint know what bein cool was
tested by the status quo and rules of cool that ruled us
a rebel in that sense i did just what a fool does
i kept to myself, that quiet kid who do none
cuz wasnt like everybody, i didnt drink or party
i didnt think that id meet someone who was kinda like me
and then she kinda liked me, and then i really liked her
so i built up all the courage to say “see you later”
and yea she said “yes” but all the balls i had left
to hug her in the halls, sayin “good luck on your math test”
still shy to talk, say what i feel inside my heart
did not give what she couldve got, she knew that too, she called us off
heartbroken, even more soft-spoken
words caught in my throat and i was choked
i was hopin i could let her know emotions just wont ever go
but vocal chords were severed, yo i never chose t
o be so closed, 
so i wrote it down instead
i took a pen and paper, and ran em through my head
squeezed my heart between the lines til the page was turnin red
i said all of the things that i wish i could have said 

but that was like 7 years ago, its all good.
psh yeah its all good hahahah
dont even worry about it. its all good… 
its all good. 


“Freestyle Jam Session on the UBC Knoll”

Shaun Pepper, Mark Perez, Aki Elvambuena, Stanley de Leon (guitar), Jermi Santos, and Francis Arevalo.

Shouts to Jason Mraz for providing the chords. And Mr. Kuoch for being himself. This is the right way to cap off a beautiful day. Enjoy Vancouver :)

”..Im gonna pass the mic”
"Oh no, oh no.." 


this guys got rhymes for days.
i was too scurred to even do a written

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Tuesday, 26th July

im here in San Diego with family. we werent goin out or anything and the internet wasnt working, so i thot id try cookin up a beat since i havent done that in a while. i didnt really expect to make anything but it turned out better than i thot it would, so i threw in some bars too:

Sit between them palm trees,
It’s breezy while i palm trees,
Breathing that green,
Got me calmer than the dawn sea.
Lay back on the beach,
With em hunnies within arms reach,
Got em all in awe when they saw me,
Cuz im charming.
Yup Yup, thats kinda how it goes.
I’m California dreamin,
But in real life it’s a no
Yeah im smilin’over here,
But i’m feelin far from home.
Even though im miles away,
Please, hold me close.

i miss vancouver..

(and yeah i just woke up in that picture)

Monday, 22nd August

i had time to kill, so i thought why not?

I’m so fly it’s like im riding on a plane
Oh wait.. yes i am
Do a couple rhymes while on Angels’ terrain
I’m on another level, higher than i’ve ever been
I get it poppin’, like my ears just did
I’m makin noise kinda like annoying kids
I’ll get you all movin’ with this motion sickness
Get nauseated cuz im so sick with this
I’m chillin’ in the clouds, island in the sun
Bringin’ new meaning to the mile high club
When i say im makin’ rhymes, i’m really makin’ love
Cuz this is how i do and i do it for fun
Rap’s a hobby, i do it any place
Ya feel me? yeah, TSA
Anyway, im just chillin’ with my bro
A couple more hours and we’ll be home

this took a few takes.. haha

Saturday, 27th August

got tagged. this was a really fun one to do.

beat: “Magic Touch,” produced by Zu 
topic: Anything magic. 


pick a card, any card, its really all the same,
im a Shaman motherfucker, magic bleeding from these veins
suffocate you with a bag of tricks and leave you all deranged
gonna get you mind freaked, wipe that semen off your brain 
the way im hurlin verses like merlin, got you afraid
yeah i got you urinating, now youre cursin' at me
but im that wizard with an urge just to stir up some fear
so you heard Avada Kedavra, now the nurses are here
oh, i got that education, a Hogwartz invitation, 
i dont need a Pen or Teller, to tell me you hesitating
you cant figure how i do it, heads shaking and estimating
well its cuz im real fly, you just Blaine levitatin, right
im on that prestige, dopplegangers wanna try
but you can be that Houdini i be all the time
you got a little magic, you and Harry are alike
not the chosen one like Potter, but you are scarred for life.

Liam, youre up. i know youve been waiting haha